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Nanjing Customs opened the export of agricultural products "green channel"
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    Xinghua City, Jiangsu Taizhou, China's agricultural city, for many years was awarded the title of the nation's grain production ten model county (city). In order to better support the agricultural exports of Xinghua City, Nanjing Customs has taken a number of initiatives to support the local characteristics of agricultural economic development. In the weak situation of the global financial crisis and foreign trade last year, the city's agricultural exports for the first time more than 1 billion U.S. dollars.

    In January of this year, Nanjing Customs under the jurisdiction of Taizhou Customs official launch of the classification of customs reform, the implementation of rapid release, reduce agricultural exports clearance, saving the cost of doing business on the low-risk class declarations for export of agricultural products, in response to the financial crisis to win the first move. Xinghua City, dehydrated vegetable industry in the market, to support the agricultural exports of the city's characteristics, Taizhou Customs opened a special "green channel" to be a priority orders on the export of dehydrated vegetables, rapid clearance, and provide 365 days a year, 24 hour appointment clearance services to reduce the cost of exports. Last year, the city dehydrated vegetables exports over 10,000 tons, up 10,400 tons, the total amount of $ 21,314,700. The Xinghua wild food Co., Ltd. is a large-scale private enterprise in Xinghua City, a registered capital of $ 12,000,000 based on production and export of frozen, dehydrated vegetables, fruits and vegetables and fruits, aquatic products, the company last year to increase investment in technological reform, improve the relentless efforts of the quality of products, for which Japan and South Korea to secure more orders. Tailored clearance program for the sudden increase in demand for exports, Taizhou Customs for the enterprise, to provide quality and efficient personalized service to ensure that the first time clearance clearance. The company last year, total exports of 594,400 kg of dehydrated vegetables, the total value of 276.53 million U.S. dollars.

    In addition, Taizhou Customs initiative to visit the area of agricultural products export enterprises, in-depth understanding of enterprise production and management difficulties, promote agriculture and agro-processing projects, customs tax relief policies, the implementation of relevant support measures. To help companies avoid risks in export, the customs for export enterprises of agricultural products to provide the consulting services of import and export statistics, provide a reference for enterprise development.