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The development trend of domestic vegetable dryer
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    According to the continuous development of the level of domestic capacity, China has successively developed many types of dry models, their respective functions, efficiency, and adaptability are valuable significance thus can be seen from this point, each drythe performance of the models are a direct impact on the drying effect and value comes to the effectiveness and value, of course, the main food dry and healthy. it comes to dry food this technology, like the ordinary life, many materials are neededquality of dry, shelf-life as well as fresh can be listed, such as the one o'clock failure is difficult to win to get the public credit, but worried, dry food purchased will not be harmful, so the implementation of quality, guaranteed.storage of food drying is required measures.

    Speaking of dry food, vegetables, dry and this is the most common in recent years, China developed specifically for dehydrated vegetables export series dryer, this drying model is the main advantage of the high-temperature steam technology for the drying effect Leaves ambient air into the hot, dry hot air principle. In addition to food for the vegetables, onions, pumpkins, potatoes, radishes, and so a variety of vegetable-based main features of energy-saving effect of good materials, all of uniform high quality imported stainless steel material, and the product is compliance with food hygiene standards.