Dehydrated vegetables
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India successfully vigorously export dehydrated vegetables to Europe
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    India, the JAIN Irrigation Systems Limited (Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., referred to as: JISL), since the experience of export to Europe, a large number of dehydrated vegetables - onion succeed, and now the company is expanding its production of dehydrated vegetables.
    The company has produced about 100 000 tons of dehydrated onion, this is it dehydrated the largest number of vegetables, and now started trial production of the following dehydrated vegetables, such as:
    Dehydrated garlic or leeks (leeks), broccoli (broccoli), cauliflower (cauliflower) and cabbage (cabbage) to supply export markets.
    In December last year (2008), the company has signed a contract of dehydrated onions, the amount of 270 million rupees (about $ 4 million).
    The company total exports of dehydrated onions, accounted for nearly 40 percent of India's exports of all dehydrated vegetables; the annual number of processed fruits and vegetables are more than 350 000 tons.