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Zhangjiakou dehydrated vegetables exported to Japan for the first time
Posted: 2012-3-7 changes: 2012-3-7 Click: 593

Recently, qualified by the Zhangjiakou, Hebei, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the value of $ 18,000 in 5000 kg of dry white radish successfully exported to Japan. This is the first export following the pickled vegetables last year to successfully enter, since the Korean market, the Zhangjiakou region the another 蔬菜深加工 product realization.

Zhangjiakou, Hebei is one of the important the wrong season vegetable production base, the unique climatic conditions and the origin of locally produced vegetables, fewer pests and diseases, high quality, dam wrong season (July to September) vegetables by domestic and foreign customers all ages. Due to the short harvest period of the dam wrong season vegetables, fresh vegetables are not suitable for long-term preservation of the characteristics, restricted the development of the local vegetable industry, the development of deep processing of vegetable products, to extend the vegetable processing industry chain is an effective way to promote the development of vegetable industry.

, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Zhangjiakou continuously deepen Shangyi vegetables for export quality and safety standardization demonstration counties to mention quality, growth points, extending the coverage of efficiency "goals, encouraging, helping Shangyi County," poverty alleviation leading enterprises in Hebei Province Hebei Green ditch Jiahe food Co., Ltd. in the processing of fresh vegetables at the same time, development, production of pickled vegetables and dehydrated vegetables deep-processing, higher value added products. Council to strengthen management at the source, in accordance with the requirements of the inspection and quarantine of plant-derived planting base record management guidance helping businesses to secure the vegetable planting base in the Japanese market for record qualification, to ensure that the processing of raw materials from the plant record base; process monitoring, help enterprises to establish ISO9000 and HACCP management system, analysis of the selection of raw materials, drying, metal detectors for the critical control points during production to monitor the critical control points, find the hidden dangers of product quality, timely rectification and improvement, which effectively reduces the risk of product quality; strengthen risk analysis , in accordance with the requirements of the importing country, with the enterprise in terms of pesticide residues, heavy metals, microorganisms and additives detection detailed study and discussion, conducted a risk assessment on the export of dried white radish, developed a detailed inspection program, the seized items all qualified to ensure the smooth export.