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Chinese agricultural products debut in Nuremberg
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Green Development Center from the Ministry of Agriculture was informed that section 23 of the world's largest organic products event Nuremberg International Federation of Organic Products Expo exhibition center in Nuremberg, Germany, recently carried out. Led by the Ministry of Agriculture, China National Pavilion high-profile, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. Deluxe organic milk the Chengdu Feng apiculture, bee, Sichuan want to really Enterprises Limited organic cereals and health food, Tianjin Bao Jiang organic food manufacturing Co., Ltd., organic convenience foods, sea buckthorn and products of the Qinghai Tsinghua Bozhong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Hebei enterprises agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd., dehydrated vegetables, organic products unveiled the Expo, so that from countries in the world the same industry are impressive.

International Federation of Organic Products Expo in Nuremberg, Germany known for its international and innovative. In support of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, the Fair to use the strict admission standards to ensure the continued to exhibit high-quality products. February each year, exhibitors from around the world with new products, new ideas brought together to Nuremberg, the Nuremberg International Organic Products Expo. The exposition brings together nearly 100 countries and regions, thousands of suppliers, specialty retailers, the market leader, new exhibitors and organic product certification bodies exhibitors. The exhibition, Chinese exhibition area of nearly 400 square meters, booth design and overall style of internationalization, while ingenuity, joined the Chinese elements, arrests the eye. Among them, the organic dairy industry in China on behalf of Deluxe Organic milk booth stand out from the booths of many organic products at home and abroad, particularly noticeable, attracting international experts, academics and media to visit the exchange.

According to the statistics of organic food organizations, the increasing demand for organic food, worldwide turnover growth rate of $ 5 billion annually. This exhibition has created new opportunities for organic food in China to enter the international market.