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Dehydrated garlic slice of processing
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Type of technology: the food processing industry process: raw material selection the → stripping in → slices in garlic → rinsing → ​​Rejection of water dried → Packaging → finished the main parameters: (1) Raw material selection: Select the garlic is fully mature and complete, no insects, no rotten,the large diameter dry dehydrated garlic as raw materials for processing. Newly harvested wet garlic, it should be appropriately drying in order to reduce the moisture of garlic. (2) stripping points garlic: peel minutes before application of a knife slashing the garlic roots, otherwise, the color of drying out of the sliced ​​onion rely on garlic roots darken. Can be directly dried peel, wet peel can also be soaked in water. Wet peel, soaked in water for about 20min. Soaking time not too long, otherwise, make the garlic, nutritional losses, affect product quality and color. Soaked quickly stripped garlic outer scales, peeling should not be taken to rub the skin France, or dry the sliced ​​onion not only color is dark, and smell. After the stripping of the external scales, but also attached to the garlic on a thin garlic clothing stripping net. Then rinse Suanban. (3) sections: the general use of the slicer with a stainless steel blade slices, cut out of fresh garlic slice thickness requirement of about 2mm. The slices should be uniform, complete, no debris. Sliced ​​onion and thin partial thickness will affect the quality of the finished product. Shaped thick piece after drying, the product color yellow, chip-shaped thin, easily broken, big loss. (4) rinse: slice immediately after washing the sliced ​​onion in the tank or rinse the pool. Rinse tank linked to the use of brick and mortar brick pond, continuous rinsing, washing machine and some superior. In order to prevent the sliced ​​onion color, rinse water can be added in 1% citric acid. (5) Rejection of water and dried: bleach wash the sliced ​​onion in the rejection of water in the centrifuge. Rejection of water not too long, or affect the finished product yield and quality. General artificial drying barn or tunnel drying equipment. Pre-baking temperature should be controlled at 65 ~ 75 ℃, 55 ~ 60 ° C post-general 7 ~ 8h drying. Dehydration time not too long, otherwise it will affect the finished color. (6) Packing: dry softened in a timely manner with a plastic film bag seal packing the main raw materials: vegetables - garlic reference standard: ZB/TB31029-90, garlic, GB8861-88 dehydrated garlic