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Dehydrated potato chips processing methods
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Processing: the choice of raw materials → → slicing → ​​cleaning → ​​peeled blanched → dehydration → baking → ​​inspection → packing → finished the main parameters: the choice of raw materials deterioration, rotting potatoes removed. Washing potatoes in water will rinse. Peel the potato skin peeling machine will cut off the buds manually digging the net. 100 ° C, 12% NaOH solution, potatoes, pour 1 to 2 minutes after soaking, remove, rinse with water cooling, and then with 5% citric acid solution and then rinse. The thickness of the slice thickness adjusted to the requirements of the slicer. Is generally 3.5 ~ 5mm. Blanching in 85 to 95 ° C water blanching 1 to 2 minutes, stirring, at any time to prevent the overlap of potato chips cause blanching uneven. After blanching, fishing into the cooling water for rinsing. Dehydration in centrifugal drying machine, the surface moisture of potato chips take off, easy drying. Baking barn or oven. The baking temperature should be maintained at between 60 ~ 75 ° C, to row the tide when the humidity reached 70 percent. Drying to a moisture content at 10% should be out of the barn. The main raw materials: raw materials of vegetables, melons and potato - potato reference standard: the ZB B 23008-1985 potato (potato, potato) basic requirements: finished white or yellowish-white, speckled tablets can not exceed 5%. The water does not exceed 10% of a thickness not less than 1 mm.