Dehydrated vegetables
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Dehydrated Pumpkin-chip processing
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Processing: preprocessing of raw materials dried → → steaming → ​​dehydration finished main parameters: (1) pretreatment of raw materials: select old cooked pumpkin, cleaning, remove the skin, flesh and seeds, slice slicer, slice, rinse surface with clean water aftermucus. (2) Cooking: cut the pumpkin pieces into the digester on the bamboo sieve, cooking 3 ~ 5min. (3) dehydration dried: after the steamed pumpkin piece moved into the drying tray or conveyor belt, a barn or tunnel drying machine drying, dehydration early-temperature 60 ~ 70 ° C, post-temperature 50 ~ 60 ° C to complete the drying dehydration need 12 ~ 15h main raw materials: vegetable - pumpkin