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Carrot dehydration processing technology
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The carrots grain in the domestic market in recent years, the rise of a new vegetable processing products, because of its nutrient-rich, color is bright and clean, fresh taste, and welcomed by consumers. Now its production methods, as follows: raw material: fresh carrot roots, sodium sulfite. Process: raw material washing → ​​peeled → segmentation → → color protection blanching → ​​drying → softened → briquetting → ​​Packaging → finished product. Operations: (1) raw material cleaning. Quality requirements of food processing carrots raw materials acquisition, and pay attention to removing the mottled, malformed, thin, serious pests and diseases of defective products with a knife before slashing the top foliage, water first net sediment and impurities. (2) peeled. Can be used lye peeling. Immediately after alkali treatment of raw materials, mobile water rinse for 2 or 3 times, and then a knife to trim clean residual skin. Lye peeling, the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution for 8 to 12%, temperature 90 ℃, leaching of alkali or cream base time of one to three minutes. (3) segmentation. A knife or vegetable cut machine and cut into small square small. (4) blanching. Blanching in boiling water or steam for 2-3 minutes to burn through the subject, but not too hot to soft rot. (5) color protection. With 15% sodium sulfite solution to soak for 5 minutes to prevent discoloration, then rinse with water. (6) drying. Conditional use dryer to dry, you can also use the drying room to dry, baking temperature of 65 ~ 75 ℃ for 6 hours, Serve dehydrated carrot particles. Dried moisture content of 5 to 8 percent. (7) softened briquetting. Should generally be softened prior to packaging, that has been dry piled up, one to three days, the water content can be uniform. The dry product may still hot briquette forming. Briquette after the volume is reduced to about 1/3 of its original volume. (8) packaging. Briquette forming carrot grain, moisture content not exceeding 8%, you can packaging. The small package is the use of opaque composite films vacuum or nitrogen sealed packaging.