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Dehydrated spinach processing technology
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Dehydrated spinach natural or artificial drying methods, moisture from the spinach is reduced to increase the concentration of soluble substances in order to prevent microbial activity, can also restrain itself contained the enzyme activity of the spinach, so the product can be stored for a long . Dehydrated spinach is not only a long shelf life, and the small size, light weight, easy to carry and transport, consumption is also very convenient, quartermaster, one of the important vegetable in the travel convenience foods, also play a role in regulating the spinach supply peak seasons. can also serve as the foreign trade export. Dehydrated spinach production technology: a choice of raw materials should be selected by the production of dehydrated spinach hypertrophy leaves, petioles shorter, higher dry matter content, light vent flavor, less crude fiber quality soft, good color varieties of spinach. Autumn spinach production, raw materials used for production of dehydrated spinach, allows to reduce production costs, and the growing season in a cool climate and a l0 month (average temperature of 9 ℃ or so), the vegetative growth, and flower stalk elongation was inhibited. The harvest period is more flexible, phased planting, harvest batches, batch dehydration dried. After harvest, the spinach must be promptly carried out the frame processing in order to maintain its fresh state. Two. Pretreatment selection of medium size, no flower stalk spinach, and removed the brown old leaves, diseased leaves and the insect leaves, roots Ministry of the root cut off, washed standby. 3. Blanching pot Shing water. Points open after finishing a good spinach plants one side of the pot - a land distributed into the pot, each part of the uniform heating, hot 40 to 50 seconds, remove and immediately cast people pretending to be cooling pool cooling with cold water, and so on blanching. The pot of water to maintain the boiling point, cooling the pool water to maintain the flow state. Continue to discharge warm water, add cold water. Spinach contains the amino acid and tannic acid, the role of the enzyme, browning, make the color brown and dehydrated vegetables. The purpose of blanching, the - side is to inhibit or destroy the activity of enzymes in the raw material, to prevent the browning of dehydrated vegetables, and reduce the microbial contamination; another - after blanching, by the thermal effect ruled out the air of raw materials within the organization, so that permeability increased, the evaporation of water when the dry processing, shorten time in the system. However, blanching time must be strictly followed. Blanching time is too long, the nutrients in the raw materials dissolved in water, and the color darkens, the organization softened, so that the lower quality of dehydrated vegetables. Blanching immediately after cooling, in order to prevent microbial activity and maintain the bright green color of the raw materials. 4. Dried according to the different heat sources can be divided into two kinds of natural drying and artificial drying. (1) natural dried natural conditions, such as sunlight, hot air to make spinach dry. Its method of operation, after spinach blanching processed directly spreading dry cement roof or on the ground. Erected the Weixi into bamboo foil or on the ground, the share of raw materials dried in the above, ventilation is better this way, you can quickly dry, and at night or when it rains, I foil rolled up, continue to move into the empty air dry. Natural dried less investment and low cost. The drying effect of climatic conditions. The case of continuous rainy weather often cause spoilage or deterioration. (2) simple artificial artificial dried dried dried equipment drying room, modern artificial Machines. The drying room of the lower cost of equipment, operation and management is relatively easy, suitable for use when the majority of rural mass production of dehydrated spinach. Oven temperature, humidity and ventilation, it is difficult to the standards required by regulation, management of labor-intensive, and sometimes because of poor management losses. Modern artificial Machines, tunnel dryers, tumble dryers, conveyor dryers, etc., suitable for the use of large-scale production of dehydrated spinach plants. The advantage is that specialized equipment can automatically control or manual control of air temperature and flow rate, short drying time, high efficiency, and availability of high-quality dehydrated vegetables. Chamber Product dehydrated spinach, blanched spinach Lek to excess moisture and lay in a baking dish, placed on baking rack. Each baking tray loading amount of food for the degree of air circulation does not affect the baking tray. Oven maintain a constant temperature of 75-80 ° C to be completed by dry after 3-4 hours. Close to dry, the lower the temperature to 50-60 ° C, slightly softened in order to facilitate briquette packaging. Per 100 kg of fresh spinach can be made 8 kg of dehydrated spinach. The water content of dehydrated vegetables a great influence on the storage effect, without prejudice to the conditions of product quality, lower water content, the better the storage effect. 5 Should be in the spinach and let cool packaging dry packaging. The requirements for packaging seals, insects and moisture. In order to meet the needs of the tourism industry made the trumpet moisture-proof paper bags or plastic bags, load the required weight of the briquetting of dehydrated spinach, and then use small electric sealing machine sealing. Packing, the first in the box, put a large plastic bag and then into the packaged small plastic bag, and finally a large plastic bag mouth seal. 6. Storage Storage spaces should be kept cold and dry. The best storage temperature for 0-2 ° C should not exceed 10-14 ° C; air relative humidity should be below 65%. In addition, the light can make dehydrated vegetable color, flavor reduced the storage place should be shading. 7. Rehydration rehydration of dehydrated vegetables soaked in water, and after some time, so that as much as possible to restore to previous state dried. Rehydration method is: the dehydration Levin soaked before eating, the weight is about in the dish weight 14 times in cold water, the fresh state to be restored, you can cook. Spinach rehydration rate than the 6.5-7.5 l kg of dehydrated spinach, obtained after immersed in water, 6.5-7.5 kg of water spinach.