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Dehydrated green pepper processing
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Dehydrated green pepper is not only long-term storage, tantamount to taste with fresh pepper. Dried method is simple, less investment, quick, very suitable for families of individuals processing. The method described below: a drying process, raw materials processing: Select fresh, smooth surface, thick meat of the peppers as raw materials, into mobile  cleaning, remove dirt. 2, cut into strips: green peppers into the cutting machine to cut into strips (also available chopper manual). Cutting specifications can be master of their own. The cutting blade should be sharp, to prevent even. Hot to cook: green peppers into the boiling hot and cook for 2-3 minutes, remove the drain to the water, keep the bright color of raw materials, the tissue is soft, to prevent browning. , Dried: This is a key process for production of dehydrated green pepper, large-scale production generally use mechanical ventilation drying process, steam-heated. Green peppers article spread in baking dish, layered in the dish rack, dried at 60-70 ℃ for 4-5 hours. When the water content of dry goods is less than 5%, moved to the indoor cooling. Layer of silica gel layer in order to reduce processing costs can be applied to a silica gel drying methods will soon desiccant silica gel and green peppers layer into a large Cigang, green peppers, ranked full tank, stamped seal. Power consumption due to the need for heating equipment, therefore the method can greatly reduce the processing costs. This method is processing normally takes four days, its moisture content is less than 5%. Packaging: dried sorting, removal of defective double plastic bags, packaging, film thickness less than 0.08mm. Note that the storage temperature should be below 15 ℃, easily oxidized at high temperatures. Second, Note 1, the use of the silicone is dry, use silica gel is ideal (this silicone drying capacity, blue, and after absorbing water in red). The advantages of using this silicone is easy observation to determine the dehydration of silica gel from blue to red, has lost the ability to dehydration. White silicone price is lower, the same drying effect, but not easy to determine the ability of dehydration. Two silicone loss of dehydration, the available large wok stir fry about 30 minutes, when the silica gel from red to blue, to restore the ability to dehydration, white silica gel each time you use should be frying, to ensure that the drying effect. 3, green peppers should be days of picking the day of cutting, the day of dried, to prevent deterioration.