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Xinghua dehydrated vegetables awarded abroad "green pass"
Posted: 2012-3-7 changes: 2012-3-7 Click: 542

    Dehydrated vegetables Association of Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Branch of China Certification & Inspection Group held a signing ceremony of Jiangsu Province, the export base of agricultural products (GAP), and to determine the province's first export of vegetables safety demonstration area will be established in the city. At this point, Xinghua City, dehydrated vegetables exports "green pass".

    Xinghua City, an annual output of more than 100 million tons of vegetables, including chives planting area of ​​20 mu, and approved by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, "Protected Designation of Origin products, its production standards, Jiangsu Province, the provincial standard. More than 120 dehydrated vegetables processing enterprises, annual production of more than 70 thousand tons of dehydrated vegetables. Exports to over 20 countries and regions, to become the largest vegetable processing and export base in Asia.

    Europe and the United States and other developed countries increasingly stringent inspection and quarantine standards, especially the implementation of the Japanese Positive List System ", The Xinghua municipal government in the positive response at the same time, pay close attention to the vegetables for export base construction and management at the source. + Association + base + standardization "new model of the export vegetable base, the establishment of the back and improve the quality and safety, monitoring, early warning, assessment of the sudden emergency control system control system and the safety of vegetables, to effectively regulate the dehydrated vegetables production base agricultural chemical inputs sale and use of management, to solve the problem of pesticide residues of the export of vegetables.