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Ф1 m centrifugal drier
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Ф1 m centrifugal drier

First, the works
Dehydrator eccentric exercise of its working principle, driven by the motor liner for high-speed transporter, off the moisture in the wet material rotating at high speed to make an eccentric exercise, water splashing out of the liner from the liner shell around the eyes, reaching dehydration purpose.
Second, the main technical parameters
A. Capacity of 80kg
(2) drum speed: 900/r/mir,
Drum size: Φ1000 * 325 Board Thickness: 3 mesh: Φ7
(4) Motor power: 5.5kw
(5) Overall dimensions: Φ1600 * 985
Weight: 1400kg
7 spindle bearings: 231523168312
Third, the machine structure
This dehydrator for a three-legged hanging pendulum, can be avoided due to load imbalance within the drum and foot vibrations generated when in operation.
The shell and roof of the Department of steel plate system, chassis materials for cast iron outlet pipe below the chassis, the end of the foot and foot column material are cast iron.
Spindle Department of the system of high quality steel, equipped with two bearings, the bottom support thrust ball bearings, in order to reduce wear and tear, save power.
Drum (or red) made ​​of copper or stainless steel plate drilling, cage base iron castings, and is lined with copper or stainless steel, the bottom cover. The drum is mounted on the top of the cone in the spindle, in order to ensure smooth operation.
This dehydrator uses a separate motor through the triangular tape drive, equipped with a centrifugal start flange to make the machine slowly start its braking performance, make the drum quickly stall can be avoided by torque by braking of the spindle .