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Circular vibrating screen
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Circular vibrating screen

The product is suitable for processing equipment, improve product quality. Set of flat screen, line screen, swing sieve function as one. It has light weight, high efficiency, small size, low power consumption, the mesh is not blocked, fully enclosed, easy to use, easy to clean thoroughly and so on, and so on, 4-400 screening. Impurities of scraps can be automatically removed and can be automated. Without mechanical movement, easy maintenance, and can be single or multi-use. And raw material contact parts are made ​​of stainless steel.
The role and principles of: using the latest vertical vibration motor by the motor horizontal, vertical and tilt three vibration, then the vibration transmitted directly to the screen surface.
◇ screen surface diameter: 1000mm
◇ sieve area: 3 × 3,4 × 4 ... 10 x 10mm
◇ motor power: 0.75kw