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The WQ50 Reciprocating Shredder
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The WQ50 Reciprocating Shredder

HC-the WQ50 type reciprocating (cabbage) vegetable machine according to the domestic production of the need to fake import models to improve the design. The machine uses the principle of vertical cutting, stable performance, low failure rate, and reasonable design. Wide grain-shaped range of processed products, and low breakage rate. For cabbage, cabbage, vegetables, onion, barley grass, mustard, garlic, kelp, soy and other stem classes, leaf vegetables and cut into sections, sliced ​​for use. The shredder is a vegetable processing industry, food industry, pickled industry, large supermarket cafeteria Hotel vegetables plus a dedicated machine.
Cut into sections: 5 ~ 40mm
Slice: 20 x 20mm ~ 40 × 40mm
Rack and the drive for carbon steel materials
Circuit board: 0.8 stainless steel
On the box: 1.5 stainless steel,
Tool for the tool steel
Into the trough width: 500mm
Production capacity: 2000 ~ 3000kg / h
Force: 2.2KW
Dimensions: 1500 × 760 × 1050mm