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Small Shredder
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Small Shredder

Automatic Vegetable Cutter simulate the hand-chopping principle, using advanced technology of the speed change mechanism "and" centrifugal institutions "developed from the composite utility shredder. Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter is widely applied in the hard, soft, and a variety of roots, stems, leafy vegetables and kelp processing, cutting producers, blocks, wire, small, diamond, curved and other tricks.

(Purchase of machinery presented two titanium tool, which can select, cut, slice, cut diamond, cut curves)

The multi-functional small shredder includes all the features of a single cutting machine at the same time, can also be cut round, such as potatoes, turnips and other products. The high efficiency is ideal for pickles processing plants and a large canteen, restaurants and other places.

Multi-function Vegetable Cutter: home shredder consists of a single cut machine, functional, but also can be cut round, such as potatoes, carrots, etc.. Can be roots, stems, leaves and other vegetable processing into a piece of wire, D, Ling, curves, flowers small, Motif, etc.. Slicing device is used to slice hard vegetables (carrots, potatoes, fruit, potatoes), free to adjust the thickness of 1-10 mm; reciprocating vertical knife the knife into the vegetable slices or soft vegetables (leek, celery) cut into straight wire or segment, curved wire, the small side (or shaped knife) conveyor belt each time to move free to adjust the distance of 1-20 mm. Stainless steel shredder adjusted amount is the width of the wire segment; should be noted that vegetable diameter thick (greater than 30 mm) and a film effect to do, easy to cut into cubes, the diameter-hour on-chip or small will be messy. Vegetable processing surface is smooth, rules, organization intact, to maintain the effectiveness of hand-cut system.