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Vegetable drying dehydration machine (the oven)
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Vegetable drying dehydration machine (the oven)

The SHT vegetable drying dehydration is a 1990s, the introduction of the latest prototype, at home and abroad, the relevant technical information designed specifically for the export needs of dehydrated vegetables, the basic principle is the use of high temperature steam for heat exchange, room temperature air into the hot, dry hot air,reach more than 120 degrees Celsius, and can be temperature adjustable to control the processing of species such as mung bean sprouts, garlic, green onions, spinach, Qinggeng vegetables, cabbage (cabbage), pumpkin, chestnut tablets, green peppers, radish slices, potato chips,fruit, etc., the processing capacity of dehydrated bean sprouts, for example :85 - 95kg / h, more than 30% of the peer. The following features:

Box using imported stainless steel material, in full compliance with food hygiene standards, the box size L 2.0m × width 2.0m × height 0.88m.

The condensate is discharged automatically by the hydrophobic cutting, energy-saving effect.

The fan with the Danish Technological air volume 7000-16000m3 / h greater than 30% of the peer pressure 770-450Pa.

4 pure copper tube radiator with refined processing, heat exchange performance, durability.

Box structure is reasonable, no accumulation of dirt, no dead ends, to ensure hygiene.

6. The oven dehydration machine with low power consumption, gas consumption is low, low price, cost-effective features.

◇ Dimensions: length 3.6m × width 2.1m × 1.5m length

◇ drying capacity :40-90kgH2O The / h